SHAY Artisan Ramadan Tea Gift Hamper

RM 680

SHAY Artisan Ramadan Tea Gift Hamper

  • SHAY ARTISAN HANDCRAFTED GREEN TEA 2021 (Limited Edition) 80g
  • Gold-plated Bird Cage candle holder Deco 1 unit
  • AAA Jumbo Grade KURMA AJWA & SAFAWI 300g
  • Gold-plated 10cm Dessert Serving plate 1 piece
  • Selected Traditional HANDMADE Muar “BATANG BURUK” 159g
  • Selected HANDMADE “DODOL” Kuala Pilah 150g
  • Limited Gold-plated Glass Infuser Tea Pot 1 unit
  • ALSHIFA Imported Natural Honey ( Saudi Arabia ) 250g
  • AL-BARAKA Natural Dates Vinegar ( Egypt ) 375ml
  • Handcrafted Rattan Basket
  • Artisan Crafted Batik Cloth
  • Decorative Golden Leaves & Greeting Card


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