Aside from water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. Perhaps surprisingly, it even surpasses coffee! In fact, three cups of tea are consumed to every one cup of coffee —who knew? This amounts to approximately 100 million cups daily, and as many as 36 billion cups per year! The tradition of tea breaks has been with us for almost two hundred years. We use this ritual to converse with our friends and colleagues, to find out the news of the day and to connect. All around the world, over two billion people enjoy a good cup of tea.

This market is likely to grow, with an increasing number of countries producing their own tea.

Tea appeals as a wholesome option for when water just doesn’t hit the spot. With fewer additives and lower acidity than carbonated drinks, tea is a great choice for health-conscious consumers who are looking for natural hot drinks as an alternative to the many sugar-laden options on the market. Tea comes in many varieties too; such as green, herbal, fruit, rooibos and quality white tea. There is something for everyone!

We only use SINGLE ORIGIN loose tea leaves from ethical sources.

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Story About Shay

I want to help people choose wellness in a cup. Tea that compliments their every goal and desire.  

Clement Founder and tea sommelier of Shay tea

Clement, also fondly known as the ‘Tea Guy’ is the founder and CEO of Shay tea, an all-natural and sustainably-sourced loose-leaf tea company based in Malaysia.

As a creative and holistic escape from a demanding career in construction, Clement started Shay Tea in 2019. Blending teas at his quaint little teahouse in the sleepy town of Seremban, Malaysia, he enthusiastically shares tea-brewing tips and life stories with his ever-growing customer base.

Shay Tea serves up more than just delicious cups of tea: each sip warms the heart and calms the soul.

Behind every masterfully-brewed cup is a story. Clement freely shares his journey of self-discovery and healing. He had found himself stuck in a lifestyle rut, with the strains of entrepreneurship taking a toll on his health. Constantly having to meet demands of clients in a stressful work environment, he found himself giving in to an unhealthy diet of fatty food and alcohol. Years of living la vida loca, finally took a turn when his body started to deteriorate and his liver function was shutting down. It was downright ugly and potentially life-threatening. Suffering with gout, Clement knew that he needed a change for good.

A trip to China provided him with a change of scenery and a better perspective of his life choices. It was this journey that led him to discover the benefits that tea offers. Living on a tea plantation, he found solace, peace, and a renewed appreciation of the value of life. Let’s just say: Tea changed his life around, 180°, and he has never looked back.

At peace in mind, body and soul, Clement knew that tea was his saviour. Now, through his humble teahouse, Yi Shan Ge, he’s spreading the good news of his recovery and how tea saved him. He’s on a mission to get the good news out to the masses. And he’s leading by example with the launch of Shay Tea, where sharing is in every cup.

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